My work consists of meticulous, highly pictorial drawings and paintings that capture and document the material world in its all its myriad details. My projects are large in scope, but intimate in format. The art made is a narrative investigation of the world seen through its innumerable, but countable, individual components, assembled in suites and series of works. Projects have included: drawing everything I owned, all 13,297 objects (1997-98); to depicting the contents of over 60 different women’s bags (started in 1999.) I spent 5 years (Tax-Onomies 2003-2008) drawing US tax expenditures including weaponry used in Iraq, 30,000 of the casualties there (civilian and military) as well as the contents of a fire engine and a NYC virology lab. In 2009-10 I documented time spent with scientists in Antarctica as a recipient of the National Science Foundation’s Antarctica Artist and Writer’s Program Grant. More recently Armature (2013–16), consists of 13 drawings in color pencil and gouache, 22 x 30 inches each, documenting every aspect of the prolonged recovery from a bicycle accident that severely damaged my non-dominant arm and hand. In the spring of 2015 I finished a 6” x 109’ accordion-folded drawing of the entire length of Broadway (all 252 blocks) in Manhattan, entitled A Year on Broadway. Diary of a Radio Junkie: 1827 Days of Waking Up to the News is the current and ongoing series.

Diary of a Radio Junkie: 1827 Days of Waking Up to the News consists of (anywhere from 5 x 5” to 7 x 9”) mixed media works on paper depicting/ responding to the news headlines heard on the radio each morning. I listen, research, snapping screen shots from online videos and photos as reference material. The project, started on 11/22/15, originally consisted of images related to a singular headline, this changed soon after the 2017 presidential inauguration when the news cycle intensified. Each work has the pencil written headlines embedded in the image. The project has a social media element, every day the images are posted to Twitter (including to the reporters whose stories I quote) and on Instagram. Reporters, predominantly working for National Public Radio, respond from all over the world.

 Radio Junkie reflects my interest in what is going on in the world through the assembly of multiple elements combined with my formal concerns as a painter/drawer. The unpredictable combination of elements lends itself to seemingly endless variations in color, organization and drawing. In 2018 I started varying the choice of materials, some days just using graphite, other days only color pencil and gouache and casein and as well as all other possible combinations of media suitable for paper. Each day is a challenge, and an adventure. I have drawn portraits, landscapes, depictions of documents, Tweets interiors and more. Not a single day has been missed, however I did take off for a period and invited ten “guest artists” to contribute a work for each of those “vacation” days. Guests have also filled in several days due to medical issues.

This project is slated to end on November 21, exactly 5 years from when it began.